Falcon Texas Poker Jumbo Index Blue

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Replace your old pack of cards with this premium set of professional Falcon Texas Poker Jumbo Blue cards. This is a poker exclusive edition of platinum cards featuring dimensions of 9.4 x 6.6 x 1.8cm. A quintessential addition to your collection of playing cards, this platinum deck lasts 100 times longer than paper made or plastic coated cards.

Product Specifications - Falcon Texas Poker Jumbo Index Blue

  • Falcon Texas Poker Jumbo Index Blue cards
  • Package dimensions: 9.4 x 6.6 x 1.8cm
  • Platinum deck of 100% plastic cards
  • Individually retail packaged, can order multiple quantities
  • Washable, Fade and Crimp resistant
  • Smooth texture enables efficient dealing and easy shuffling
  • Resistant to accidental damage from sharp objects
  • Ideal for home games and professional poker games 

The Falcon Texas Poker cards jumbo index blue are easily readable with high visual clarity, suitable for poker games hosted among large groups. They are crimp and fade resistant and completely washable, enabling them to return to their original condition. Their platinum texture makes them deal and shuffle efficient to facilitate power packed games and professional poker tournaments.

The Falcon deck of cards are resistant to wear and tear from sharp objects, further prolonging their lifespan. Grab a couple of decks today and host the perfect poker night to create indelible memories.

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