Home Casino

If you enjoy hosting parties at home and all your friends talk about topics related to their last trip to Las Vegas or how James Bond beat the bad guy at Casino Royale, you are probably already thinking about setting a friendly casino at home to invite your fellows for some games. Of course, you can give some beans and use your old deck of cards on your kitchen table, but if you want to offer an ultimate experience, you need to adapt your home to the Las Vegas-style:

Game On: The Casino Table Experience!

 The first thing you should get is a casino table. A real casino table with all perks to playing comfortably: a dealer seat with chip tray, a tablecloth with your favorite games (you can even have interchangeable layouts so you can go from playing Blackjack to poker in a few minutes). A casino table can have as many perks as you want, for example, table drinks holders, individual chips racks for players, etc. If you host only friendly games, the money deposited in the rake box can be used as a bonus for your colleagues.

Ultimate Gaming Chairs

 When setting your home casino, you should think about the long gaming sessions that will take place there, and then you'll realize how important it is to have comfortable gaming chairs. You can choose from many materials like leather (genuine or artificial) or mesh, and the color can also be adapted to the decoration of your room.Usually, a specially designed gaming chair would be flexible, with a comfortable backrest, and, in general, would have an ergonomic design. Don't forget to get a comfortable chair for the dealer too!

High Quality Playing Cards

Almost all casino games that can be played at home need a deck of cards unless you manage to get a functional roulette! So, you'll need to get some high-quality decks of cards, and probably a card dealing shoe (a device that allows you to hold multiple decks of card). Remember that casino games like Blackjack require several decks of cards, so don't get just one! There are several recognized card manufacturing companies like Copag or Bicycle, and usually, the best cards are made of plastic, which is very convenient to use and improves its durability.

Customize Poker Chips as per your requirements

The only thing you need to complete your home casino is to have a good chipset. The number of chips (300, 500 pieces) depends on how many friends you'll invite or how many spots your casino table has. Before you start playing, you must define the value of the chips according to their color; typically, poker chipsets include more color chips than others, so the chips with the highest value should be the rarest. Some chipsets even include dices, cards, so your home casino will be even more than ready after getting the right set of chips, which also be delivered in a fancy case.

Level up your gaming experience with High Quality Casino Gaming Products

Having a home casino is a real luxury: it's expensive, and you'll need to dedicate an entire room just to play; but, after hosting your first game at home, you'll become a superstar, and your friends will have a second home in yours. Of course, you can get many more perks, but with the elements mentioned in this article, you'll be ready to host your first home casino game.