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High quality Plastic cards are a great choice for anyone who wants a more efficient gaming experience. Casino Kart is here to please all playing card fans with its poker exclusive deck of Modiano Playing cards that serve as the complete solution for all things cards. Built to last 100 times longer than ordinary paper cards or plastic-coated cards, you can wash them to keep them in their original pristine condition for years.

These 100% plastic cards are washable, crimp and fade resistant and extremely durable. All the remarkable features make them a worthwhile investment for passionate card players. Each deck of Casino Kart playing cards is individually retailed and you may order multiple decks as per your requirements.

Product Specification - Modiano Playing Cards

  • 100% Plastic Poker Playing Cards with Jumbo Index from CasinoKart
  • Brand: Modiano
  • Card Dimensions: 3.5 inch tall, 2.5 inch wide
  • Key Features: Water resistant, Washable, Extremely Resilient to Wear and Tear
  • Enables Smooth Dealing and Shuffling with Increased Speed and Efficiency

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Modiano Playing Cards are built 3.5 inch tall and 2.5 inch wide with Jumbo Index, typical of professional poker card decks. Casino Kart playing cards are known for being extremely playable without sacrificing durability, resilience, or sharpness. Now, you can enjoy being the dealer and shuffle and deal your cards with speed and efficiency without sacrificing your game time.

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