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Casino Equipment Rentals - Poker Tables, Chips and Dealers on Rent 

Casino Equipment Rentals - Poker Tables, Chips and Dealers available on Rent.

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Availability of Poker Tables, Chips and Dealers Delhi-NCR for Rent

We are providing the world class services in buying and renting casino & poker productsWe offer poker table on rent in Delhi, each of the 33 cities of Delhi NCR like Noida, Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurgaon/Gurugram, and all over India for selling. You can either make a order of buying & renting Casino Equipments like tables and its accessories in the Delhi-NCR region. On the contrary, you can rent poker chips ,tables, dealers, casino tables like Blackjack, Roulette & Andar Bahar Table and other accessories in bulk for Pan India. Moreover, we also offer products for purchasing all over India, providing free delivery across Pan India and same day delivery in Delhi-NCR.

Casino Equipment Rentals for Casino Theme Party

Casino Theme Party has experienced an exponential rise in northern India, especially in Delhi and National Capital Region (NCR). Therefore, Casino Kart brings you poker tables, Chips, Craps and Dealers on rent to help you out in planning and living the most amazing poker nights that you’ve always dreamt of. 

Apart from casino tables, we also offer poker table on rent and roulette table rental to help you make your poker night for fun. Scroll down for more details to foster and deepen relations with friends and families on celebratory occasions or the night of your own choosing without going through the hassle of purchasing the poker table.

If you want to know more about our services for an enthusiastic fun event and wish to experience our customer support first-hand, then you can contact us by mail at or whatsapp at +91 9711 80 6311

Casino Tables, Chips and Dealers on Rent

At Casino Kart, we offer a complete set up for your casino theme party. You can make your bookings from anywhere in Delhi-NCR and we would be happy to create and establish the setup as per your desire. 

Our services completely align with every function like party, corporate event, or any other function. We specialise in making your party a perfect place of fun for your poker and casino loving friends and family by providing casino tables, a game of craps, dealers and casino chips. 

Our services allow you to choose the casino table on rent as per your choosing. You can select either of our following services: poker table rental, poker chips roulette table rental, Blackjack table rental, Andar Bahar Table rental or 3 patti table rental.
Moreover, you can rent the dealer, casino chips and games like Craps at us as per your choice, going completely synonymous with our tagline of shopping your aces. You can get more information about the casino theme party, which includes poker table on rent and casino table on rent, by contacting us on mail at or on whatsapp at +91 9711 80 6311.

Why Rent Casino Tables, Chips and Dealers from Casino Kart?

Availability of different varieties of Casino Tables: 

Casino theme party majorly depends on the kind of casino table you want to take on rent. This is where we come in. We offers various types of casino tables on rent as per your demands. 

If you want a poker table for rent or any other casino table on rent by taking our services on roulette table rentals, casino equipment rental, Blackjack table rental, poker party rentals, poker chips set rental, we will provide you the same. As empathy and customer satisfaction are amongst our top priorities, therefore, we aim to fulfil your desires. 

As a result, we ensure to a point that your guests enjoy your party or event and arrange the most suitable services for you as per your wish and requirements.

We understand your needs: 

If in case you’re not sure about the casino table on rent you want for your casino theme party, then there is nothing to fret about. As at casino kart, our team is trained and capable of running and styling your party to cater the best services for your guests. 

Our event coordination staff will contact you, understand the type of party you want to have and then provide you with the best possible casino table rentals. Our commitment to help you provide the best possible rental experience remains unparalleled and foremost, since we have set active listening and caring for customers as a few of the founding pillars

Affordability with effective planning: 

Our event planning team will map out an effective strategy for the casino theme party you have in mind as per your needs. We offer you the place selection, type of poker table on rent, and various other things, all at an affordable price to provide you with the best support and  impressive solutions.

Our unmatched support and services makes us one of the leading brands for the casino product rentals in the region. Therefore, before investing in an event planning company for your party or celebration you must always go through our offered services and contact our support to help you make the best possible decision. 

Selecting us as the event organiser for your casino theme party will help you avoid burning your pocket by purchasing casino or poker tables besides exponentially increasing the ambience and casino experience. 

If you want to know more about our services for an enthusiastic fun event and wish to experience our customer support first-hand, then you can contact us by mail at or whatsapp at +91 9711 80 6311.

Casino Table Rentals for Poker, 3 Patti, Roulette, Andar Bahar, Dealers (Male/Female)

You will find affordable products that will perfectly fit in with the vibe of your casino theme party. Moreover, the state-of-art build and quality of the chips, dealers and casino table on rent will help you impress your friends, colleagues or families easily and strengthen bonds with them. 

Therefore, our team has come up with a description of the product rentals available for your casino theme party. It would help you make a better and more informed decision on the rental casino product per your requirements.

Dealers (Male/Female)

We also offers live dealers (both male/female) who are experts in dealing and shuffling cards aside from making judgements and clarifying doubts in case of any hand or game. Neatly dressed and a polite tone of speaking are some of the traits that make them one of the most sought in our casino rental services

Casino Tables For Rent

We has been dealing in Casino Tables, especially poker tables, for a long time. Regular players see it fit to purchase the table according to their requirements

Therefore, it won’t be a good idea to purchase casino products if you use them only on special occasions. In such scenarios, taking a poker table on rent helps you impress your friends, colleagues and families, exponentially increasing the fun, ambience and card-playing experience on special occasions and saving money. 

Every casino table is durable, of premium build and has an impressive finish .However, you cannot fit a poker table or roulette table in a casino theme party based on 3 Patti or Blackjack. In light of these facts, the different types of casino tables available for rent at Casino Kart are:

Poker Tables for Rent

If you’re an avid poker player or fan, then you would feel uncomfortable and have a second-grade experience on every casino table at a party except the poker table. If you also like to feel a thrill that is second to none and play poker on certain special occasions with your friends, family or colleague, then you should consider ordering a poker table on rent. 

You will find different types of poker tables for rent depending on the number of players interested in poker at your party or event.

 Roulette Tables 

If you love playing casino games and having fun with lady luck, then roulette is the perfect game for you. 

However, you don’t need to visit casinos to experience the thrill and your luck in the game. You can now enjoy the roulette table rental services from us to impress your friends, family or colleagues; boost the ambience and gaming experience of the party or get-together and deepen the relationship with your friends and colleagues, all while getting to know them better. 

Roulette tables at Casino Kart have features like a roulette wheel, mats, rakes and markers. Moreover, you won’t have to thin your pockets to enjoy a fun game full of suspense and thrill as you can now rent the accessories for it and make your celebration more fun.

Blackjack Tables

There has been a significant inclination towards playing casino games, especially Blackjack, in recent years. Hence, We brings you roulette table rental services for your casino theme party, offering you an experience like never before of playing poker games.

You can now juice up the fun and pleasure of a party by ordering a Blackjack table on rent as it is one of the most popular games and an essential component to play the game.You will find a high-quality Blackjack table, a type of casino table on rent, with a premium finish. 

To top it all, you would automatically be increasing the ambience and fun of the Blackjack game table of your casino theme party or event with an alluring product like this. 

Andar Bahar Tables

Andar Bahar is one of the few fascinating casino games that always keep the players excited and on edge. For the players who feel most entertained by playing this game on special occasions but don't want to purchase them, then We brings you an amazing offer. 

Now you can have the Andar Bahar casino table on rent, enjoy its delightful features and increase the fun quotient in the game. Purchasing Andar Bahar table rental services also help you by providing the most affordable method to enjoy your occasions like Diwali or corporate anniversary and save money at the same time. 

While you won’t have to go through the ordeal of buying the table, you can enjoy and impress your friends, family or colleagues with the state-of-art product and finish. On top of that, you would be saving heaps of money which you can use to enhance the ambience or services of your celebration based on the casino theme party.

Baccarat Tables

Baccarat is a card game played in the casinos by comparing two hands, one of a player and the other of a banker. The game came into the limelight after James Bond, the famed international super-spy known as 007, prettified the game for the first time in a debut novel, Casino Royale.

You can play your favourite version of Baccarat and enjoy the warm comfort, joy and ambience of celebration based on your desired casino theme party with our baccarat table rental services. 

You will save thousands of rupees if you get the baccarat casino table on rent. At the same time, you can leave a long-lasting impression on your friends, family and colleagues with your love and passion for the game. 

3 Patti Tables

Teen Patti is a famed Indian card game played in a group of 3 to 6 persons by a 52-card pack without jokers. The 3 Patti Table comes with 8-player positions and has red and black felt surfaces besides a sturdy reinforced frame of leather with waterproof. 

Moreover, our expert designers have designed this table in a manner that allows you to use this table to play any of your favourite card or board games. Hence, we bring you the Teen Patti table rental services so that you can enjoy the game besides enhancing your gaming experience and ambience of the party.

On top of that, you can save dozens of big currency bundles with our rental services. You can use the saved money to employ our poker table for rent or other products, significantly improving the fun quotient of the party for your card-game-loving friends.

Casino Poker Chips (Ceramic/Clay) 

What good would a casino theme party be in the absence of premium and high-quality casino chips of either kind, ceramic or clay? This is why Casino Kart offers casino chip rental services that go well with our poker table on rent and casino table on rent. 

The premium finish of our casino poker chips in either ceramic or clay sync perfectly well with the tables and the casino-theme parties we make arrangements for. Rest assured, you won’t be able to stop playing, stacking and fidgeting with our casino chips once you start playing. 

Additionally, you will experience more focus and fun in the game aside from improving the ambience of the party you’re enjoying. That said, you can contact us for more information on any of our product rental services by mail at or on WhatsApp at +91 9711 80 6311.  

We has been providing world-class service in organising casino theme party for a long time. We are currently active across Pan India but majorly in the Delhi-NCR region. 

Furthermore, our services have built trusting relations with clients and partners across Pan India. Moreover, we are known for quick and reliable services in all types of casino theme party on occasions like corporate events, festive occasions and celebratory occasions. 

We are also committed to serving you as per your style, budget, requirements and planning as per the theme and type of the event. 
At last, we only ask you to contact our support team by mail at or on WhatsApp at +91 9711 80 6311 and give us a chance to show the services we offer by incorporating the best of our customer service abilities and help you choose better organiser for your casino theme party rental