Top Poker products in India

Did you know that the largest bet ever placed in a casino was $135,000,000 on a single round of roulette by billionaire businessman Terrance Watanabe? Such has been the ride of fortune with casino games for many that they never cease to amaze you. 

If you wish to tease the destiny gods with your best shot at the most thrilling casino games, especially Poker, you need to bring home the best poker accessories, poker chips and poker tables, and everything in between and recreate the Vegas vibe in your home!

To fulfil this job, let’s check out the best poker accessories out there that can infuse a larger than life vibe in your home as well as understand their key features to help you make the best choice.

List of Essential Poker Accessories

If you have a penchant for poker, then you must acquire the essential components to host poker games in your home. The key list of poker accessories shall include the following items in your cart. 

Poker Chips

Poker chips are key to playing poker without which you cannot possibly imagine hosting a game. They are the currency with which we play poker and make wagers in the game. That said, there are a variety of poker chips you can purchase to enhance your poker experience. That said, the best poker chips include the likes of ceramic poker chips and clay based poker chips with metal inserts. 

Clay based poker chips and ceramic chips are well known for their brilliant texture, weight and durability. Heavier chips weighing between 10-14g, are generally associated with higher quality and provide a more authentic feel during gameplay. 

Ceramic and clay poker chips also provide amazing texture and grip. Some of them may have a smooth surface while others may have textured finish that makes them look easier to stack and handle during play.

For budget options, one can also pick plastic poker chips. They are comparatively cheaper than ceramic or clay poker chips. They do the job just fine and are suitable to play casual home games of poker.

For a wholesome experience, it's even better to buy poker chips with denominations to help determine the stakes efficiently and keep the rest away to enjoy clutter free games. 

Here are some top picks in poker chip sets from Casino Kart. 

Poker Table

Among essential poker accessories, a poker table is necessary for providing a dedicated and comfortable playing surface to host a poker game efficiently. When purchasing a poker table, the key features to look for include proper table size and shape that’s ideal for your room. Oval or octagonal shapes are commonly preferred for poker tables. If you need a portable option, consider poker tables that can be easily folded and stored when not in use.

In regard to felt quality, the table felt should offer a smooth and consistent playing surface. Then, there are poker tables with in-built cup holders that are a useful addition to secure your drinks when playing in large groups.

Among other features, poker tables with padded armrests offer comfort and support during long poker sessions. For an enhance ambiance, you may look for table accessories such as built-in card shufflers and USB ports for charging devices and LED lights.

Since there exists a variety of poker tables with multiple features, it's wise to set a budget and find a poker table that offers good value for the price, balancing both product quality and its features.

Here are Casino Kart’s top picks in poker tables across budget and quality.

Other Poker Accessories

There are a variety of other poker accessories that can make your poker games enjoyable and seamless. Some of them include the likes of: 

Playing Cards

A deck of high-quality playing cards is a must-have for poker games. Look for decks made from durable materials, such as plastic-coated or 100% plastic cards, which offer better longevity and handling. The best playing cards are made of 100% plastic material. They are waterproof, fade and crimp resistant, snappy and smooth to shuffle and deal. Top buying options on CasinoKart include plastic playing cards from Modiano, Copag and Falcon.

Dealer Button, Big Blind, Small Blind

Players use a dealer button to indicate the position of the dealer in a poker game. It rotates clockwise after each hand. Having a dedicated dealer button adds professionalism and convenience to track player positions during gameplay. Similarly, Big Blind and Small Blind buttons are useful additions for a professional experience and to maintain the correct player positions during the game.

Cup Holders

If your poker table doesn’t have in-built cup holders, it's wise to buy a pack of them to ensure clean and organised games especially when playing full ring poker games with a large group of friends. Cup holders offer convenience by keeping players’ drinks easily accessible and preventing them from being knocked over spilling onto the playing surface. 

Chip Tray

Among other poker accessories, chip trays can be helpful to organise and manage your poker chips during the game. Chip trays give you a designated space to neatly stack and organize poker chips. With chip trays it's also easier to count and distribute chips when you place bets or cash out your winnings. 

On Casino Kart, you can purchase any or all these poker accessories online for budget and quality of your choice. We offer the complete poker solution to help you fill all the missing pieces in your poker game and enjoy unlimited hassle-free poker games hereafter.