WSOP Series Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces, Clay, 40 MM, 14g

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Size: 300 Chips
Style: Without Card Games Mat
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Looking to flash your poker game with a stylish and high-end poker chips set? We suggest you bring the world’s most prestigious set of Poker chips, the one and only World Series of Poker Chips set. 

Be it aesthetics, texture, build or finish, the WSOP Series Poker Chips set trumps its adversaries in the market in all aspects. Each poker chip is produced from a composite resin with a heavy metal insert to imbibe the familiar feel of casino grade poker chips straight from Vegas. 

These poker chips are infused with a hit coloured style to achieve its classical figure. The WSOP Series poker chips set comes in sets of 300 and 500 chips respectively. Each poker chip is marked with denominations for convenient gameplay. 

Product Specifications - WSOP Series Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces

  • WSOP Series Poker Chips Set available in sets of 300 and 500 pieces respectively.
  • Poker chip weight: 14gm
  • Poker chip dimensions:  40mm
  • The chip set comes with 2 decks of WSOP playing cards and One Dealer Button.
  • All the items are packaged in an Aluminum carry case to keep them safe from damage. 
  • Poker chip denominations: 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000

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