Casinokart Premium Poker Chips Set- Clay Material, 300 & 500 Pieces

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Size: 300 Chips
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Wishing to upgrade your poker game and cast an all-new ever-lasting impression on your friends? Then do not worry as Casino Kart brings you premium clay material poker chips for an immersive game experience on poker nights when you need to shed all the worries of the world. 

With these all-new clay material poker chips, you’re guaranteed a better focus and a chance to improve your skills a notch further. The credit goes to its slick build and stellar design. 

Product Specifications - Casinokart Premium Poker Chips Set- Clay Material, 300 & 500 Pieces

  • Chips weight: 12 grams
  • Chips Size: 40 mm
  • Clay-based premium poker chips set.
  • Six stacks in different colours for different denominations as per the requirements. 
  • Comes in two different sets of 300 and 500 poker chips.
  • Durable and 100% anti-slip poker chips.
  • A Dealer’s button to identify the player’s position and two decks of premium Flacon plastic playing cards.
  • A robust black case with velvety black felt in the interior gives added protection to the chips. 

Product Description

Does “What a Drag” comes to your mind while playing with plain-looking poker chips? Then purchase these quality poker chips to get an unparalleled high-stakes poker night. With these high-quality heavy-duty premium clay material poker chips, you can throw away the week's worries and welcome the weekend with all-new vigour. 

The clay material poker chip is produced from a composite resin with a heavy metal insert. As a result, tossing and stacking them mirrors the perfect casino-like ambience. The product material makes them durable and sturdy without compromising their fashionable appearance.

Each of these chips weighs 12 grams and comes in a 40 mm size in six different colours. The USP of this product is that you can assign the denominations as per your requirement to each colour. Hence, it becomes easier to use them as per the desired stakes in the game and store the rest safely from harm’s way. 

Moreover, they are designed to be 100% slip resistant so that they do not fall when stacking. The premium clay material poker chips set come with a sturdy softcover black poker chip case with a black felt to prevent any damage to the chips. 

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Other accessories that come with the clay material poker chips set are a dealer button and two decks of the state-of-the-art Falcon playing cards. You can choose either the 300 or a 500 chipset or both as per your playing requirements. Hence, making it ideal for group gatherings, diwali parties and gifting purposes.

With all the vital aspects of the premium clay material poker chip set covered, let’s move on to their product specifications so that you can get hold of your dream poker chipset without any further delay.

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