EPT Poker Chips Set- Ceramic, 500 Pieces

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Style: With 30 Brick/Plaques
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Those looking for a superior experience in the world of Poker shall be enamoured with the EPT Poker Chips set that exudes class and gravity of the game itself. This spectacular professional EPT Poker Chips set is available for purchase at Casino Kart in sets of 300 and 500 chips respectively. Those with a penchant for high stakes poker, this is an ideal chipset that comes with additional 30 plaques to represent higher value denominations.

Product Specifications -  EPT Poker Chips Set- 500 Pieces, 30 Plaques

  • Professional EPT Ceramic Poker Chips set, 300 and 500 pieces
  • Ceramic Poker chips, resistant to scratches and dents with 30 additional plaques suitable for high stakes poker games
  • Chip denominations: 100, 500, 5000, 10000, 25000
  • Multi-coloured poker chips
  • Includes a Dealer Button and 2 decks of Platinum Modiano Poker Cards
  • All items of the chips set are packed in a heavy duty black luxury case with foam inserts for additional protection.

The EPT Poker Chips set consists of ceramic poker chips that are the standard quality for high quality poker chips. They feature a smoother surface, fuller graphics and offer a unique texture and are better resistant to dents and scratches. All chips are marked with unique denominations to assist real money games.

The poker chips don a classy range of deep black, blue and green hues drawing serious attention from poker fans. The product also includes a Dealer Button and two professional decks of Modiano Platinum poker cards that flaunts strength and durability compared to ordinary playing cards. All items in the chips set come safely packed in a black luxurious carry case with foam inserts for higher protection during travel.

The EPT Ceramic Poker Chipset is a classy product preferred by poker players and makes a superb addition to your collection. It also makes for a stunning gift for family, friends and colleagues. Purchase it now from Casino Kart and pay later with our interest free EMIs. It's time to host the perfect game, let the fun begin.

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