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Diwali is the biggest festival of the year in India and everyone celebrates it in their own way. Some people go out and celebrate with friends, others stay in, and brighten their homes with zillions of lights, while some of us like to merry and play our favorite games!

If you're someone who loves spending time indoors playing games, then you'll want to check out the Diwali Billionaire Series on the CardBaazi card game app at this festival of lights!

What is Corporate Gifting? 

Corporate gifting is the practice of gifting products or services to existing employees, colleagues and clients, or potential ones in hopes of establishing a lasting connection with them. Corporate gifting ideas can be used for either physical or non-physical gifts.

While a physical gift can be a personalized clothing or edible food item, non-physical gifts can be e-gift cards, vouchers, or an experience (like air tickets, concert tickets, movie tickets, or a celebratory party). 

Branded with a company logo, these gifts are usually based on the target receivers. They can also be used in marketing and communication programs to promote a company, brand, or event or as a part of guerilla marketing campaigns. 

Gaming as Corporate Gift Ideas for Employees

Since the gaming industry gained an all-time new boost, it has brought with it some major shifts in corporate culture as well. Corporate gifting ideas which earlier focused on either physical or non-physical items related to travel, personal, or household, are now beginning to look for gaming products as a better alternative.

One of the main reasons is that the gaming products bring everyone closer together besides helping everyone to relax. As corporate gift items, they will help you get one step closer to your gaming-oriented clientele and get to know them on a more personal and professional level. 

In addition to that, gaming products serve as a great token of appreciation and an amazing product to be kept in a recreational or leisure room. Even though a new trend, they can also be used as Diwali gift ideas for corporate employees during celebratory occasions like Diwali, Holi, or New Year. 

Unique Corporate Gifts for Diwali

This Diwali, curate your corporate Diwali gift items for employees, clients, and prospects with CasinoKart to strengthen relations with your employees and clients.

Diwali, the festival of lights, is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and important festivals in India. As it knocks on our doors, positive energy begins to envelop your office, especially the workstation. Those boring meetings become fun and the routine conversations during break take an interesting turn. 

An air of excitement, comfort, and coziness envelops the work environment while the hustle and bustle at work increase with Diwali nearing each day. It won’t be wrong to say that corporate Diwali gifts for employees, clients, and prospects play a key role in that energy. 

Management shows gratitude, and admiration for the commitment to the organization with unique and thoughtful corporate Diwali gifts for employees, making the festival and its celebration exponentially enjoyable. Besides the bonuses, the unique corporate gifts are what every employee eagerly looks forward to. 

This is where Casino Kart comes in, acting as a one-stop platform for all the corporate gifts for clients, employees, and prospects to show your appreciation to your colleagues, bosses, or employees. With that said, let’s delve into the endless world of possibilities for corporate gift ideas for employees from Casino Kart.

Why is Corporate Gifting a Must?

Now that we have discussed the up-and-coming Diwali gift ideas for corporates, let’s think of why corporate gifting is necessary, specifically using gaming products and accessories. 

Corporate gifting is an essential part of every workplace culture. With the rise of the gaming industry and every person having interests in different genres and types of gaming, gifting gaming products on celebratory occasions has become a must-follow trend. 

With that explained, let’s take a look at the multiple reasons why promoting Corporate gifting culture is necessary for every work organization.

Corporate Gifting Establishes a Healthy Working Environment

Employees feel warranted and important when they receive a thoughtful gift. As a result, they feel more involved with the company and its work. It also keeps them motivated and as a result has an indirect role in increasing employee efficiency.

Corporate Gifting Boosts Sales

When a business sends clients a meaningful gift, they feel recognized and duly appreciated. Hence, they are more likely to want to stay connected for a longer time. Furthermore, because words travel faster than sound, one satisfied customer will bring you more.

Provides Better Introduction to the Brand

Due to corporate gifting, there are highly probable chances of the logo/branded gift to reach the unknown and new horizons. As a result, this might aid in increasing the add new target audience to the brand. Additionally, since the gifts are kept for a long time, they help in further branding of the business.

Improved Goodwill

Goodwill refers to the known reputation of a business that can be identified as a quantifiable asset and helps in improving the value of product and services sold. Corporate gifting paints you as a caring and thoughtful company or business, hence leading to the spread of good words and better business opportunities. Moreover, they aid in improving the goodwill of already established brands and business as well. 

Other Advantages of Corporate Gifting are: 

  • Corporate gifting done on celebratory occasions like Diwali, New Year, Holi etc also helps in remembering the  brand image. 
  • Corporate gift marketing cost per impression is less than any other form of advertising.

Best Corporates Gifting Ideas

Poker Game Accessories

Currently, playing poker is gaining popularity in Indian culture, especially among the younger generation, as well. The vast reserve of entertainment besides new learning and developing various attributes in personality is what makes it appealing to the younger generation. 

With the gaming industry and poker accessories gaining popularity, gifting various accessories related to poker can be a brilliant idea for all, who have an inclination toward gaming. They can be used for various games to refresh the mind, and for a fun get-together among colleagues, friends, and families on any occasion. 

That being said, let’s look at the Poker accessories to know more about them and how they serve as ideal Diwali gift ideas for corporates

This festival season, Casino Kart brings various other poker accessories, like 40mm tray cover, 45 mm tray, suited speed cloth, dealer button, minots and more, that you can use to enjoy a complete game of poker and have an amazing game experience.  

These modern accessories have the ability to do justice as corporate gift items and motivate your employees or clients to go above & beyond with their performance and efficiency for your brand/marketing. 

Customized Poker Chip Sets

Customized poker chips are one of the best gifts in current times, especially with the rise in popularity of poker amongst the vast world of card games. Guaranteeing a fun time with tons of thrill, personalized chips can serve as a brilliant corporate gift idea and foster a better and deeper relationship between the recipient and the gifter.

You can now order custom poker chips at Casino Kart as a corporate gift and provide a fun night to your employees, clients, or potential prospects.

Playing Cards

Casino Kart brings you different types of premium playing cards that you can use as a corporate gift to anyone associated with the brand/business. Besides providing your brand additional exposure every time they are used, playing cards can be used for a short break or for fun real-money games like Hold’em or Rummy or Dehla Pakad or Bluff. 

However, not every playing card is suitable for corporate gifting. The wrong kind will bring disappointment to the giftee, taking a chunk at your goodwill every time it is used. Therefore, we suggest you to go for globally popular brands such as Modiano or Falcon playing cards for ideal corporate gifting.

Modiano Cards

Modiano cards are 100% plastic playing cards made with Modiano's proprietary platinum acetate instead of low-grade PVC like competing cards. These cards are one of the best items you can think of for great corporate gifting ideas. 

Commonly known as the wide size cards and offered in the jumbo index, these plastic playing cards last 50-100 times longer than paper-based or plastic-coated playing cards.  All these attributes automatically list Modiano cards as one of the best diwali gift ideas for corporates

At Casino Kart, we offer you a discounted rate on different Modiano cards products. Feel free to browse through our playing cards collection to gift the most unique corporate gifts & make the festival celebration better with these Corporate gifts for employees

Falcon Cards

These cards are similar to the Modiano cards in build except the fact they are used for magic and throwing tricks. Additionally, they are thicker than normal day-to-day playing cards. 

Also available at Casino Kart, they are printed on the 9.4 x 6.6 x 1.4 cm Jumbo Index Card and are a deck of platinum playing falcon cards. Poker enthusiasts mainly use them as official playing cards and collector items, making them perfect trendsetting entrees for corporate gift ideas.

Gaming Chairs

We already know that the gaming industry and gaming as a hobby have taken an exponential rise in everyday life. Hence, ergonomic and highly durable gaming chairs from Casino Kart are the most ideal corporate gifts for your professional gaming clients or colleagues or those looking to kickstart their gaming career. 

Additionally features such as an adjustable headrest, backrest, and armrests in these chairs will keep the health and comfort of your client or colleagues in check. The premium lumbar support, comfortable shape & cushioning of the chair along with the easy-to-clean materials make them one of the most sought gifts in current times. 

Therefore, gaming chairs from the Stealth, Grinder, and Mystic series are designed keeping in mind both the casual sitting and gaming professionals. Besides being a perfect gift, they will even be counted as thoughtful and will serve all your possible requirements with the poker chairs.

Computer Gaming Desks OR Table

For professional gaming clients, who are into streaming and online real-money gaming, a perfect gaming table is a must. These tables when paired with correct led lighting and perfect ergonomics, add a striking flair to the perfect gaming experience. 

With multiple gaming desks in different shapes and sizes available at the Casino Kart, you can include them in the list of corporate gift ideas for employees, clients, or prospects. 

It will serve as a method to pave the way for their success and fame. Moreover, it can also give you huge exposure and boost the sales of your brand, if the gamer mentions your name or brand while showcasing his gaming setup. 

On the other hand, a gaming table must be chosen according to the needs and requirements of the gamer. However, it should not compromise with the height, material, and different accessories, irrespective of the shape of gaming desks.

Poker Tables

Designed specifically for playing card games, poker tables at Casino Kart are easily one of the best corporate gift items for clients, employees, or colleagues, who play card games, professionally. 

With poker tables in multiple shapes to choose from, you can select the best entertaining platform as per the requirement. They shall make for luxurious corporate gift ideas, providing you an opportunity to develop a personal high-end relationship with your clients or prospects. 

Given below are multiple poker tables in various shapes to help you make Diwali gift ideas for corporates better than ever before.

Oval Shape

With ranging discounts on the oval-shaped poker tables, you will find a variety of poker tables ranging from foldable tables to professional wooden base tables at Casino Kart, making the platform a one-stop shop for all sorts of poker tables. 

Besides, what would be a better opportunity to give your clients the quintessential oval-shaped poker table as a corporate gift for clients and employees on Diwali and take the celebration up a notch.

Round Shape 

The round shape of poker tables at CasinoKart is the exact desire of professional poker players. With 5*5 ft dimensions, these poker tables are mirror replicas of what almost every poker fanatic team or player would want to play on. Hence, it would serve as a perfect gift for your brand/business as the perfect corporate gift for clients.

Octagonal Shape

Octagonal shape poker tables vary from foldable types to 5*5ft tables with stainless steel bases. They also serve as the dream tables for professional poker players or streamers and give your brand/business, one of the best exposures ever. 

These poker tables are equipped with stainless steel cup holders. So, check out these tables at Casino Kart for unique corporate gift ideas and get yourself exposure and goodwill like never before.

Feel free to explore the vast and eclectic range of unique and exciting corporate gifts from India’s leading online gaming destination, CasinoKart, and pamper your clients with the right collection of gifts for a lasting meaningful connection.