BCG Club Special No 92 Playing Cards (Set of 3 decks)

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Color: Red
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Buy the BCG Club Special No 92 Playing Cards from Casino Kart. These are paper based playing cards introduced as a special edition and in sets of three. They are available in colours of Black and Red. You can use them to play your favourite card games such as Poker, Rummy, Call Break and even Casino games like BlackJack.

Product Specifications - BCG Club Special No. 92 Playing Cards (Set of 3 decks)

  • BCG Club Special No 92 Playing Cards 
  • Paper material playing cards
  • Three decks of Playing Cards
  • Suitable to play all card games 
  • Individually retail packaged, can order multiple quantities

The BCG Club Special No 92 Edition of Playing cards look visually appealing and dons a classy design. Nice to hold and smooth to play with, the user shall enjoy being the dealer with this exclusive deck of playing cards. 

Available at a steal price, buy this pack of three decks and get ready to host the most exciting game of cards today.

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