Nuts Series Poker Table - Oval Shape

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Poker is a game of fame, money and fortitude. What’s fun if you don’t have a lavish poker table to induce a casino-style gaming experience for yourself? The Nuts Series Poker Table Online – OVAL is just what you can dream of to enjoy a versatile range of games like Teen Patti, Texas Hold’em and Omaha Poker. The eternal charm and spectacular design of this dealer-cut poker table is perfect for chip games. Let’s check it out.

Product Specifications - Premium Nuts Series – OVAL Poker Table Online

  • Product Size: 9 Ft x 4.5Ft
  • Material: Waterproof felt
  • Colour: Customizable
  • The Nuts Series Poker Table Online – OVAL allows a maximum of 8 players to play at once, inclusive of the dealer’s cave. The Dealer’s Tray on this table has two card slots and six slots to keep chips in it.
  • This amazing poker table is created from the MDF Board that’s padded with a Tricot velveteen felt in a green hue.
  • The Classic S-shaped nuts series poker table base is made from a premium quality Teak Wood that assures its longevity.
  • It also has 8 stainless steel cup holders installed on the racetrack for spill-free gaming sessions.
  • Soft foam padding on the side rail track ensures further comfort and armrest to players.
  • The product also has a large steel rake box created with added storage capacity to ensure bigger sessions.
  • It is packed in bubble wrap and a wooden crate to ensure 100% safe delivery to the end customers.

Product Description

Looking forward to buying an ergonomic, exquisitely designed full-size casino table for your gaming space? Check out the Nuts Series Poker Table Online  available on CasinoKart that notches up in terms of everything from design, material, durability, size and cost-effectiveness. This magnificent table can be a lifetime investment for gaming aficionados out there.


The Nuts Series Poker Table Online – OVAL is available in the 9Ft X 4.5Ft dimension and has an exclusive dealer cut angle, giving it a more professional appeal.

Design and Material

The Nut Series table is prepared from the Tricot Velveteen felt and has a rake box-steel along in huge capacity for bigger sessions which is optional. Casinokart also offers a unique customization option for colour as per availability. The table has a stylish and sturdy high-grade teak wood base to ensure longevity.


The Nuts Series Poker Table Online – OVAL can be every gamer's heartthrob owing to its excellent design and phenomenal pattern. It is a perfect addition to enjoy a wide range of home games and poker games like Texas Hold’em, Omaha and Indian Flush. One can also enjoy a wide series of board games on this table.

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Reaping long hours of exotic gaming fun and excitement is possible with the purchase of this Nuts Series poker table from CasinoKart. Moderate care and regular cleaning with a mild cleaner can help maintain its shine and appearance. A good disinfectant spray can be used for cleaning and removing stains.

Meticulous design with an epic casino-style Dealer’s cut cave adds more stars to this Nuts Series Poker Table Online – OVAL table. Indeed, a sheer piece of charm and glory is offered at the best rates on CasinoKart to light up dull evenings with mind-boggling poker sessions.

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