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Excited about a fun poker night with your friends but want a larger-than-life poker experience with top-notch accessories? Then Premium Poker Chipset -  Plastic Material - is the perfect fit for you. 

It is guaranteed to bring a positive change that will leave you beaming with joy and make your every game, an A-gameplay. So discard the old and plain-looking poker chips and witness the dawn of a new poker player in you when you will Buy Premium Plastic Poker Chips Online from CasinoKart, where you can “Shop Your Aces”.

Product Specifications - Buy Premium Plastic Poker Chips Online - 300 & 500 Pieces 

  • Chips weight: 12 grams
  • Chips Size: 40 mm
  • Plastic Premium poker chips set.
  • Five stacks in different colours for different denominations as per the requirements. You can also buy the chipset without the denominations.
  • Available in sets of 300 and 500 poker chips.
  • Durable, trendy and 100% anti-slip poker chips.
  • A Dealer button and two decks of Glub Special plastic playing cards.
  • A robust black case with velvety black felt in the exterior and interior to give extra protection to the chipset and other added accessories. 

Product Description

The premium poker chipset is a world-class product designed to give you the ambience of a professional casino and poker tournaments. They are made with high-quality plastic material to reflect the vibes of casino-style poker chips

Their production material makes them highly durable and sturdy without risking their chic appearance. As a result, they are fun to stack or toss and 100% antislip. They are also perfect for gifting purposes and making group gatherings and diwali parties more fun. 

Each poker chip weighs 12gm and is 40 mm in size. They come in six distinct denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1000 with each denomination designated to a particular colour. You can choose the number of chips as per the stakes you’re playing and store the rest safely in their case. 

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At CasinoKart, you can also get the chipset without the marked denominations or choose the denominations as per your game requirements. Moreover, it comes in a set of either 300 or 500 pieces.

This poker chipset comes encased in a robust black-coloured lined with smooth and soft felt on both sides, interior and exterior, to keep the chips away from any damage. In addition, it contains a dealer button to know the dealer’s position and direction of gameplay and two sets of Glub Special Playing Cards. 

With this, we have covered all the essential points of the product description. Let’s start with the product specifications so you can purchase your dream product at the earliest. 

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