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Introducing the Carbon X pro Godzilla Gaming Station from Casino Kart – the ultimate fusion of gaming innovation and ergonomic design. This gaming station redefines the gaming experience, offering not just a desk but a command center where comfort, functionality, and aesthetics converge. Get ready to dominate your virtual worlds with the Carbon X pro Godzilla Gaming Station.

Product Description:

The Carbon X pro Godzilla Gaming Station is a testament to the pursuit of the perfect gaming environment. Here's a closer look at the incredible features that make it a game-changer:

Racing Car Chair Seat

The seat of this gaming station is crafted with the comfort and style of a racing car chair. Sink into the plush cushioning, embrace the ergonomic contours, and prepare for hours of gaming without discomfort.

Manually Adjustable Reclining Seat

Tailor your gaming position to perfection with the manually adjustable reclining seat. Find the optimal angle for your gameplay and immerse yourself in the action.

High-Carbon Steel Frame

The frame of the Godzilla Gaming Station is built to last, constructed from high-carbon steel. It's not only robust but also height and distance adjustable, ensuring a customized and ergonomic gaming setup.

Cable Management Excellence

No more cable chaos. All cables are hidden within the steel frame, keeping your home or office space tidy. The workstation also features a dedicated space beneath the chair to securely fix your computer host.

Acrylic Armrests and Rotating Keyboard Tray

The 12mm thickness of acrylic armrests provides strength and durability and looks classy. The keyboard tray is designed for easy rotation, allowing you to seamlessly get in and out of your gaming station.

Convenient Control Panel

Control every aspect of your workstation with a phone-sized control panel. Adjust your seating position, lighting, and more with ease, enhancing your gaming convenience.

Enhanced Comfort and Performance

Designed with the user in mind, the Carbon XPro Godzilla Gaming Station is engineered to enhance your comfort, health, and gaming performance. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to uninterrupted gaming sessions.

Mobile Base Pedestal

With a base pedestal, your workstation becomes mobile, allowing you to move freely and adapt your gaming environment as needed.

Product Specifications:

Product Brand: Carbon XPro Godzilla Gaming Station

Seat Material: Racing car chair style

Frame Material: High-carbon steel

Seat Adjustability: Manual reclining, height and distance adjustable

Cable Management: Integrated cable routing within the steel frame

Armrests: 12mm acrylic for strength and style

Keyboard Tray: Rotating for easy access

Control Panel: Phone-sized for convenient control

Base Pedestal: Allows for easy mobility.

Note: Shipping and installation charges will be extra.

Buy Carbon X Pro Godzilla Gaming Station from Casino Kart

The CarbonXpro Godzilla Gaming Station from Casino Kart is more than just a gaming desk; it's a state-of-the-art gaming command center designed to revolutionize your gaming experience. Upgrade your gaming setup today and experience a new level of immersion and comfort with the CarbonXpro Godzilla Gaming Station. It's not just a workstation; it's your gateway to gaming excellence.

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