Dal Negro Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces, Clay, 40 MM, 14g

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Size: 300 Chips
Style: Without Card Games Mat
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Indulge yourself with the Dal Negro Poker Chips Set – the epitome of Italian craftsmanship and royalty in the world of poker. This exquisite set is available in two options: 300 and 500 pieces, with each chip carefully crafted from premium clay, boasting a standard 40mm diameter and a substantial weight of 14g. 

Lift off your poker nights to a new level of elegance and excellence with the Dal Negro Poker Chips Set, where tradition and quality unite for a superior gaming experience.

Product Description

The Dal Negro Poker Chips Set represents the pinnacle of poker chip design and construction, brought to you by the renowned Italian brand, Dal Negro. Each chip in this set is a masterpiece, offering not only the perfect weight and balance for a professional poker game but also a touch of Italian elegance that sets it apart.

Crafted from Premium Clay

Every chip in this set is painstakingly crafted from top-grade clay, giving them an authentic casino-like feel. The weight and texture of these chips make each poker hand feel like a high-stakes game in a luxurious casino.

Two Set Options: 300 and 500 Chips

Choose from two set sizes in the Dal Negro Poker Chips set to suit your gaming needs. The 300-chip set is perfect for more intimate gatherings, while the 500-chip set ensures that larger poker nights are equally well-catered for. 

Classic 40mm Diameter and 14g Weight

The Dal Negro Poker Chips conform to the standard dimensions used in professional poker tournaments. With a 40mm diameter and a substantial 14g weight, these poker chips ensure that every poker game is fair, balanced, and enjoyable, whether you're a novice or a seasoned player.

Elegant Aesthetics

Dal Negro's commitment to excellence extends to the design of these chips. With tasteful and refined aesthetics, these chips exude Italian style and sophistication. They are not only tools for gaming but also pieces of art that enhance the ambiance of your poker nights.

Product Specifications

Material: Premium Clay

Chip Weight: 14g

Chip Diameter: 40mm

Chip Denominations: 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000

Set Options: 300 or 500 chips

Design: Elegant and refined

Case: Durable aluminum carrying case with foam padding

Accessories: Included dealer button and 2 decks of Acesfull premium Poker Playing cards

Additional Accessories: Card Games mat, price shall differ accordingly.

Buy Dal Negro Poker Chips at Casino Kart in India

The Dal Negro Poker Chips Set is the embodiment of poker chip perfection, blending Italian craftsmanship, elegance, and top-tier gaming quality. Elevate your poker nights with the Dal Negro Poker Chips Set, where tradition and quality unite to bring you the best in poker gaming. Order yours today from Casino Kart and indulge in a gaming experience like no other!

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