Grande Luxor Poker Table- Oval Shape

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Anyone who fantasizes about the exclusivity of casino ambiance right at their convenience must look at this Grande Luxor Poker Table Online- Oval Shape from CasinoKart, the gamer’s one-stop destination. It can instantly add a supreme vibe and glamour to your gaming corner. Take an instant leap to a luxurious card gaming experience with this excellent product that marks perfection and finesse.

Product Specifications - Premium and Classy Grande Luxor Poker Table- Oval Shape

  • The glistering and glamorous Grande Luxor Poker Table Online- Oval Shape allows a maximum player capacity of 8 at a time.
  • Buy the poker table online in a grey and black hue that syncs perfectly with any room backdrop.
  • Product Size: 8’ x 4’ Ft
  • 8 Jumbo stainless steel cup holders to enjoy beverages while grinding on your favourite poker formats.
  • Long-Lasting wooden base with a subtle black and white textured design.

Product Description

Buy the Grande Luxor Poker Table Online from CasinoKart and courple it with gaming accessories like a premium deck of cards or casino chipset to practice and play with your buddies. This product is a classic creation in a solid wooden base and has a waterproof, stain-resistant cloth felt on it.


Players who are eager to buy a poker table online must scroll over this aesthetically rich and well-designed table. Avid grinders can cherish leisure time while chilling over poker sessions on this oval-shaped table that is the most ideal and sought-after option to play anywhere and anytime.


The Grande table is perfectly sized at 8 * 4 Ft., making it handy and easy to place at any location. The compact yet premium Luxor Poker table at CasinoKart is a must-buy if you need a table to play in a gang of 8 players at once.

Design and Colour

Buy the Grande Luxor Poker Table Online and bring home the ultimate piece of premium craftsmanship designed to steal the live casino fun however you please. The strong and attractive white and black base with a dazzling golden border plate at the bottom exudes regality that makes it a showstopper. 8 built-in cup holders and padded rail ensure optimum comfort while engaging in poker sessions.

Now that you have decided to buy Grande Luxor Poker Table Online, follow the steps below to complete this purchase from

  • Browse the product listed on Casinokart.
  • Check the complete product description and chat with our executive for further queries.
  • Add your favourite product to the cart and glance at other gaming accessories available in the product catalogue.
  • Go to the ‘Buy Now’ option, place the order before stocks run out, and await delivery within 6-7 working days.

It's time you boast and brag in your gamer’s community by purchasing this Grande Luxor Poker Table Online- Oval Shape at market-competent rates and displaying that winner swag. After all the hard work and hours of grinding, this table can be a sheer treat to any player that amplifies the gaming experience.

CasinoKart provides multiple payment options and convenience to ensure you do not miss out on our ‘STAR’ products like this one. Now, hosting home poker sessions can bring along a lot of enthralling action, fun, and incredible casino gaming experience that upgrades you as a player.

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