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If you want to experience a luxurious and extravagant gaming experience, then you must go with the High Roller Luxury Poker Table featured on Casino Kart! It's stunning design and top-notch features make it the epitome of luxury and sophistication, elevating poker game nights to a new level. 


  • Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the High Roller Luxury Poker Table boasts sturdy and durable construction, ensuring countless hours of intense gameplay without compromising the quality. 
  • Typically, the table sports standard dimensions, making it perfect for accommodating multiple players and an ideal choice for hosting poker nights with friends and family.
  • The High Roller Luxury Poker Table features a luxurious table felt that is smooth to the touch and sports a design to enhance card playability. Moreover, the soft and velvety surface ensures effortless card shuffling and dealing, adding to the overall gaming experience.
  • It also comes with convenient cup holders, allowing players to enjoy their favourite beverages without worrying about accidental spills or watermarks while keeping the drinks secure and within easy reach for an uninterrupted gaming session.


  • The sleek and elegant design of the High Roller Luxury Poker Table is awe-inspiring and adds a touch of sophistication to any gaming room. It has rich colour and exquisite detailing, which makes it a true centrepiece, garnering compliments from every poker enthusiast who sees it.
  • The luxurious racetrack surrounding the table adds to its visual appeal, providing ample space for players to place their chips and keep track of the game's progress. It's smooth finish adds to the table's overall allure and enhances the poker experience.
  • The High Roller Luxury Poker Table comes with customisable options, allowing players to choose additional features such as dealer cut, chips tray, and more, tailored to their preferences to cater to the needs of poker enthusiasts.

Product Specifications

  • The High Roller Elite Poker Table has impressive dimensions of 8ft x 4ft and a sleek dealer cut, which provides ample space for intense gameplay. 
  • It also comprises the tricot velveteen felt adds a touch of elegance and smoothness to every card shuffle and deal.
  • The High Roller Elite Poker Table offers customisation options, ranging from a steel rake box with a large capacity for those gaming sessions to varied colours to match your style. 
  • The table comprises a sturdy stainless steel base with a leg rest for maximum comfort during extended poker games.
  • The table is packed carefully in a wooden frame crate with bubble wrap and plastic packing for secure transit and protection against any damage.
  • It features a wooden racetrack featuring cup holders, combining functionality and style. It's perfect for home games or professional card game tournaments.
  • Expect delivery within 10 days, subject to availability. Elevate your poker experience with the High Roller Elite Poker Table – the epitome of sophistication and excitement.

In conclusion, the High Roller Luxury Poker Table is an ideal example of elegance and indulgence. It creates an unforgettable gaming experience for players of all skills with top-notch build, luxurious design and player-friendly features. 

Whether you're hosting a high-stakes poker night or simply seeking to enhance your gaming space, the High Roller Luxury Poker Table is the ultimate choice for poker enthusiasts who crave the best. So purchase the High roller luxury poker table from the Casino Kart, where you can “Shop Your Aces”, and experience the thrill of high-stakes poker in the comfort of your gaming den.

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