Jordon Blackjack Table- Luxury Touch, Wooden

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Do you want to experience luxury and elegance combined with sophistication and functionality? If yes, then the Jordon Blackjack Casino Table is perfect for you. 

This magnificent table sports a precise and attentive design to elevate the ambience gaming room with a touch of royalty and elegance. The off-white coloured table allows you to create a dream gaming setup tailored to your preferences and transform your gaming room into a high-end casino setting.

The Jordan Blackjack casino Table features a spacious design with ample room for players to enjoy their favourite casino games. Its smooth and sleek handrail with a matte finish combined with golden-coloured stainless steel glass holders ensures a comfortable gaming experience, allowing players to focus on the excitement of the game.

Moreover, the velveteen fibre of the ultra-smooth waterproof felt on the table adds a touch of royalty, making every blackjack game feel like a VIP affair, and enhances the table's splendour. The clear markings and an optional race track make up for a focused gaming experience. 

Furthermore, the chip tray set ensures a smooth blackjack casino gaming experience and efficient chip management.

The raised platform ensures maximum foot comfort during extended gaming sessions, while the glistening finish on the footrest and elevated platform adds an immortalising impression on your peers.

Constructed with high-quality wood, the Jordan Blackjack Table guarantees durability and longevity. It's striking design and sturdy structure guarantee unforgettable blackjack sessions & casino game nights.

Now, let's explore the remarkable product specifications of this striking product to ensure every blackjack game becomes a memorable and enjoyable affair.

Product Specifications

Unravel the enchantment of the exquisite Jordon Wooden Blackjack Table designed meticulously to infuse your gaming room with a touch of luxury and grandeur. Hence, we bring you a guide on the product specifications that will help you make an informed decision.

  • Elegance meets convenience in the Jordon Blackjack Table as it boasts a standard size of 7 * 4 * 2.5 ft, making installation a breeze without compromising on space.
  • The built-in chipset allows you to manage chips effortlessly, ensuring smooth gameplay and seamless chip distribution on the Jordon Blackjack Casino Table.
  • The waterproof, deluxe casino-grade felt adds the ambience of top-notch casinos and an air of sophistication to your gaming experience.
  • You can personalise the Jordon Blackjack Table by customising its design as per your preferences, with options like adding a racetrack, distinct markings, and accessories.
  • Moreover, the Jordon Blackjack Table guarantees prevention from accidental spills and a worry-free gaming environment due to the inclusion of stainless steel glass holders. 

To sum up, the Jordon Blackjack Table, where style meets functionality, captivates all and easily takes your blackjack games to new heights of excitement. It offers several customisable features, making it a valuable addition to the gaming room.

So, purchase the table from CasinoKart without delay and embrace the sophistication & allure of the Jordon Blackjack Table, a perfect blend of affordability and luxury.

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