Jumeirah Series Roulette Table- Casino Quality, Heavy Wood

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Does a roulette table with splendid quality interest you? Is roulette your go-to sport to de-stress after a long day? If your answer yes to both questions, then you’re in the right place. 

Presenting the magnificent Jumeirah Series Roulette Table that exudes luxury and sets a professional casino-like ambience. The Jumeirah roulette table made from high-quality wood is robust and durable. 

The sleek and elegant design compliments the robust build when integrated with its flawless functionality and brings the thrill of a casino into your home. Moreover, it captivates seasoned players and newcomers to the casino game, makes the gaming experience truly enjoyable and exudes luxury, comfort & style. 

Furthermore, its smooth surface and polished edges are testimony to the expertise with which the table is made, guaranteeing a seamless playing experience. Moreover, the vibrant colours of the table add a touch of glamour and fashion to the table, making it the perfect choice for a centrepiece in your gaming room or den. 

Whether you're hosting a casino-themed party or simply seeking an enchanting addition to your gaming collection, the Jumeirah Series Roulette Table is a must-have. 

Product Specifications

  • The Jumeirah Series Casino Roulette Table comprises cutting-edge design and flawless functionality, which makes it the epitome of luxury and a standout choice among the most luxurious casino tables available.
  • The Jumeirah Series Casino Roulette Table is built with durable materials and expert engineering to endure intense gaming sessions. The sturdy legs are evidence of talented engineering and provide exceptional stability.
  • The table has a premium felt material, which ensures smooth chip movement and precise gameplay, elevating your overall gaming experience. Moreover, it adds a touch of authenticity and elegance, immersing you in the ambience of a casino.
  • The table also comprises a flawlessly designed, sleek, and polished racetrack. The captivating design, complemented by built-in glass holders, recreates the electrifying atmosphere of a real casino while preventing accidental spills, keeping the luxurious felt pristine.
  • The meticulously designed padded handrail of the Jumeirah Series Roulette Table ensures optimal support and cushioning during intense and extended gaming sessions, allowing you to stay focused and fully immersed in the game.
  • The Jumeirah Series Table’s roulette wheel adds authenticity to your gaming experience. Moreover, the brass brushing insert allows you to enjoy smooth and precise spins with an immersive and genuine feel. The clear numbering and accurate wheel rotation guarantee fair outcomes in every game.
  • The table comes in two variants.
  • With a 20-inch roulette wheel
  • Without the roulette wheel 
  • You can tailor the Jumeirah Series Casino Roulette Table to perfectly suit your needs and style as per your preferences with complete customisation capabilities.

Order your Jumeirah Series Roulette Table today from Casino Kart and enjoy casino-style gaming in the comfort of your home with spectacular aesthetics, cutting-edge build and state-of-the-art specifications.

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