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Roulette is a fun casino game loved by casino gamers worldwide that provides an unparalleled fun experience to all casino game enthusiasts and passionate players. Hence it is not surprising for people to purchase a sturdy and high-quality roulette table for themselves and enjoy the game in the comfort of their homes.

Product Specifications - Kors Series Roulette Table

  • The Kors series Roulette table is crafted using top-notch materials, guaranteeing long-lasting durability and ensuring it remains a centerpiece of your gaming nights for years.
  • Since the Kors series Roulette table sports a lightweight design, you can enjoy the convenience of portability, allowing for easy transportation and hassle-free installation according to your preferences.
  • The table's design is crucial for structural integrity and maintaining stability on any surface. Moreover, the legs are constructed meticulously using premium, high-quality wood to ensure a secure and steady playing experience.
  • The premium-class waterproof black felt of the table allows you to immerse yourself in seamless gameplay and provides a smooth surface for your gaming sessions.
  • The padded handrail offers maximum comfort during intense gaming sessions, while the rich-black coloured racetrack is integrated with glass holders to prevent accidental spillage and watermarks on the felt.
  • The Kors Series tables come with or without the roulette wheel. If you opt for the wheel, you'll be delighted with its 20-inch size and brass bushing insert that guarantees uninterrupted and fluid spins.
  • Lastly, you can tailor the Kors series Roulette table to your desired specifications and desires, allowing for complete customisation to create a gaming experience like no other.

It is where the Kors Series Wooden Roulette Table comes in. You can purchase the roulette table and play it with your friends, family or fellow players whenever you want to, making your home or gaming room the talk of the town.  

The Kors Series Wooden Roulette table leaves the players and people transfixed on the Roulette wheel. Moreover, the sound of the ball piece every time you spin the wheel is much more captivating. Purchasing this state-of-the-art modernistic yet durable table is a must if you want to have a gala time without the ambience of the casino with your known and loved ones. 

You are guaranteed to have loads of fun with your friends and family and have the whole party mood with the roulette table installed in your gaming room or den.

So, without further ado, buy the Kors Series Roulette table designed to enhance your gaming room with its regal & captivating aesthetics and experience the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

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