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Are you looking for a roulette table having casino-grade quality radiating a casino-like ambience? If yes, in that case, bring the excitement of Las Vegas to your home with the Las Vegas Roulette Table. This authentic casino table features a smooth, green-felt surface, a metal wheel with 38 numbered slots and a ball that spins around the wheel and is easy to install. 

You can bet on individual numbers, groups of numbers, or even the colours, black and red. In short, this table is perfect for parties, game nights, or just for your enjoyment.  With that said, let us delve into the benefits that come with it.


Bring the excitement of Las Vegas to your own home

The Las Vegas Roulette Table brings the glamour and excitement of Las Vegas right to your doorstep, allowing you to experience the thrill of the casino game in the comfort of your own home and immerse yourself in it.

Perfect for parties, game nights, or personal enjoyment

Whether you're hosting a casino-themed party, planning a game night with friends, or simply enjoying a casino game night, it is the perfect addition to any gathering. It will create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests and add an element of excitement and sophistication to any social event.  

Easy to set up and take down

The user-friendly design of the Las Vegas Roulette Table makes its assembly breezy to ensure you can play your favourite casino game in no time. Moreover, you can disassemble it when the fun is over and store it away, saving you valuable space.

Includes all the accessories you need to play

The Las Vegas Roulette Table comes with all the necessary accessories, from the roulette wheel to the chips and markers, required for an authentic gaming experience. It ensures you enjoy uninterrupted gaming sessions without the hassle of searching for additional accessories.

Product Specifications

Authentic casino table design

The table features an authentic casino table design to replicate the ambience of a real casino. The visually appealing design ensures you can immerse yourself in the thrill of the casino game in the comfort of your own home, brimming with excitement and sophistication.

Moreover, its sleek lines, polished finish, and attractive colour scheme create an enticing focal point for any gaming room and can captivate both avid gamers and casual players. As a result, the table exudes elegance and quality, which will impress your guests and elevate the ambience of your space.

The smooth, green-felt surface

The Las Vegas roulette table is crafted professionally using a premium felt material to ensure a comfortable playing surface and smooth chip movement, allowing for an immersive and authentic casino experience while enhancing the overall aesthetics while providing a playing surface.

Handrail and Racetrack

You can maximise your gaming pleasure with the meticulously designed padded handrail of the Stallion Series Roulette Table as it offers optimal support and cushioning, guaranteeing comfort during intense and extended gaming sessions. 

Moreover, the sleek and polished racetrack, complete with built-in glass holders, lets you focus on the game without distractions, transporting you to the exhilarating ambience of a real casino. As a result, you can enjoy a flawless gaming experience in style and elegance without worrying about accidental spillage or watermarks on the table or the felt.

Roulette Wheel and Ball Piece

You can purchase the table with a 20-inch roulette wheel or without the roulette wheel. The metal roulette wheel has 38 numbered slots, making the game more exhilarating and fun. It also has a brass brushing insert which ensures smooth wheel spin.

Moreover, the ball that spins around the wheel is of casino-grade quality so that it does not experience wear or tear despite repeated use over the years. 

Sturdy Table Legs

The expert craftsmanship of the table base has the highest precision using durable materials to withstand intense gaming sessions. The sturdy table legs ensure excellent stability, while the lightweight design enables effortless transportation and maneuverability.

Easy to set up and take down

The Las Vegas Roulette Table design is convenient at its peak. It is easy to assemble, allowing you to play your favourite casino game anytime you want. Furthermore, you can store the table easily when not in use to save you valuable space.

To sum up, the Las Vegas Roulette Table epitomises elegance, craftsmanship, and entertainment. If you wish to experience Vegas style gaming in your home with breathtaking aesthetics, premium build and state-of-the-art specifications, then order the Las Vegas Roulette Table and start spinning the wheel for your chance to win! Elevate your poker nights to new heights with the Las Vegas Roulette Table from Casino Kart and experience the thrill of intense competition in style.

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