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Do you want an out-of-the-world casino-like experience while playing the famed Blackjack game in the comfort of your home? Do a few hours of fun Blackjack games help you cope with a long day? 

If your answer is yes to both questions, allow us to introduce the Luxury Blackjack Table, a designer casino table with a pristine look and awe-inspiring creativity. Its expert craftsmanship ensures that features and accessories combine to give an immersive and pleasant gaming experience. 

Furthermore, the table’s strategic construction elevates the ambience of your gaming setup to cast an immortalising impression on your fellow blackjack players. It is one of the few products that capture all the attention with its next-level artistry and affordable prices, making it an irrefutable purchase. 

Besides all elements, the Luxury Blackjack table also serves as a poker table, one of the most played casino games. All these attributes collectively make it the best buy for a user, which is unusual in other products.

Product Specifications

Describing the luxury blackjack table is a breeze, but we've compiled a list of its key features to help you make a quick decision.

  • The table is designed in a standard size of 7 * 4 * 2.5 ft, making it easy to install without sacrificing precious space in your gaming room.
  • The handrail of the luxury blackjack table boasts an impressive finish that prioritises player comfort.
  • In addition, the table includes stainless steel glass holders, a chips tray, a chips set rack, and a casino-grade premium waterproof felt. The accessories collectively come together and stand out with their regal appearance.

The glass holders and chips tray prevent accidental spills and help to arrange casino chips effectively. On the other hand, the chips set rack and the professionally curated modernistic waterproof felt ensures simple distribution & tracking and no permanent marks, respectively.

  • The light colour of the table legs complements the matte-finish handrails and adds to their visual appeal. 
  • Similarly, the footrest design matches the structure of the luxury wooden blackjack table, offering maximum comfort. Alongside other features, the golden strap on the footrest creates a contrasting and regal look.
  • You can customise the table design to meet your specific requirements, including a racetrack, clear markings, and accessories.

In conclusion, add the Luxury Blackjack casino table from CasinoKart to your gaming collection for thrilling gaming experiences and nights. Purchase the table today and take your blackjack skills & gameplay to new heights.

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