Modiano King Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces, Clay, 40 MM, 14g

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Size: 300 Chips
Style: Without Card Games Mat
Sale price 5,999.00 INR

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A professional set of poker chips must be of premium build featuring the right thickness, the perfect quantity and ideal weight to support poker games. The Modiano King Poker Chips set is a premium poker chips set made of clay that is available in 300 and 500 colourful pieces to support full ring poker games. 

Each poker chip in the set has 40mm thickness and weighs 14gm to deliver the perfect weight, look and feel of casino quality poker chips. They come marked with unique denominations to help users play for preferred stakes and enjoy a clutter free game. 

The Modiano King Poker Chip set includes one Dealer button to track player positions as well as 2 decks of 100% plastic Texas Poker Modiano playing cards. This is a complete set to start your poker run from scratch. All the items come safely packaged in a strong and reliable aluminum carry case with foam inserts to provide extra protection during transport.

Product Specifications - Modiano King Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces

  • Modiano King Poker Chips set of 300 and 500 pieces
  • Poker chip weight: 14gm
  • Poker Chip dimensions: 40mm thick
  • Poker chip denominations: 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000
  • The chip set includes one Dealer Button and 2 premium decks of 100% plastic Modiano King Poker cards
  • All items are packed in a complementary aluminum chip case with foam inserts for extra protection

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