Muscular Knight Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces, Clay, 40 MM, 14g

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Size: 300 Chips
Style: Without Card Games Mat
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Embark on a noble journey of gaming with the Muscular Knights Poker Chips Set from Casino Kart. This extraordinary collection, available in both 300 and 500 chip options, captures the essence of medieval chivalry and valour. Expertly crafted from premium clay, these 40mm, 14g chips promise a poker experience that's as gallant as it is thrilling, bringing the age of knights and castles to life right at your casino table.

Product Description

The Muscular Knights Poker Chips Set is a tribute to courage, honour, and excellence. Each chip in this set is designed to embody the noble spirit of medieval knights while delivering top-tier performance for your poker games.

Premium Clay Chips

The poker chips are meticulously crafted from high-quality clay, providing an authentic feel and a substantial weight that echoes the valour of a knight. At 14 grams per chip, they add a sense of grandeur and gravitas to every hand dealt.

Impressive 40mm Diameter

With a generous 40mm diameter, these chips are designed for comfortable handling, smooth shuffling, and quick value recognition during intense poker sessions. Their size ensures a seamless gaming experience for both beginners and seasoned players.

Choice of Chip Counts

Select from either the 300 or 500 chip sets to suit your gaming needs. The 300 chip set is perfect for intimate fun, while the 500 chip set is suited for larger group parties.

Knightly Design

The Muscular Knights Poker Chips Set features a visually stunning design that pays homage to the legendary knights of old. Intricate details and striking colours adorn each chip, adding a touch of medieval grandeur to your poker table. These chips not only perform exceptionally but also make a captivating visual statement.

Sturdy Aluminum Case

Included in the set is a durable aluminum case that ensures your chips are safe, well-organized, and ready for action. Interior compartments keep your chips neatly separated, and a secure locking mechanism provides peace of mind during transport.

Product Specifications:

Material: Clay

Weight: 14 grams per chip

Diameter: 40mm

Set Options: 300 or 500 chips

Design: Medieval knight theme

Package Includes: Muscular Knight Poker Chips Night, A Dealer Butter and 2 Premium decks of Acesfull Poker Playing cards

Case: Sturdy aluminum case with organized interior compartments

Buy Muscular Knights Poker Chips at CasinoKart

The Muscular Knights Poker Chips Set from Casino Kart  invites you to relive the age of chivalry and valour while enjoying exhilarating poker nights. Take off your poker games with the Muscular Knights Poker Chips Set and experience the grandeur of the medieval era, right at your gaming table. Deal the cards and let the spirit of the knights lead you on a path to victory and glory!

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