NFT Monkey Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces, Clay, 40 MM, 14g

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Size: 300 Chips
Style: Without Card Games Mat
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Looking to take your game to the next level? Introducing NFT Monkey Poker Chips Set from CasinoKart, a stunning set of poker chips that allows you to enjoy professional poker games right in your home with your friends and family. Forget cheap and flimsy plastic poker chips and bring home the NFT Monkey Poker Chips set and experience poker like never before.

The NFT Monkey Poker Chips set comes in sets of 300 pieces and 500 pieces of poker chips with denominations. You can pick any set as per your requirements. Each poker chip is  of 40mm dimensions and comes marked with distinct denominations of 25, 50, 100, 500, 1000, 5000 for easy demarcation. 

The poker chips come packed in a sturdy aluminium carry case to keep them safe from harm when not engaged in play. The chip set also includes a dealer button to keep track of the progress of your game. In addition, you get two premium decks of Copag EPT Playing cards that are high quality, scratch resistant and last much longer than standard playing cards. 

Product Specifications - NFT Monkey Poker Chips Set- 300 And 500 Pieces, Clay, 40 MM, 14g

  • One set of NFT Monkey Poker Chips set
  • Available in sets of 300 and 500 pieces respectively
  • Each poker chip is of 40mm dimensions for thicker feel
  • Made of clay, these poker chips are anti-slip and durable, ideal for home games and professional games alike
  • The chip set includes one Deale button and 2 decks of Copag EPT Playing Cards that last much longer than cheap playing cards
  • The product comes packaged in a high quality aluminum carry case to keep the poker chips safe from damage when not in play. 

The NFT Monkey Poker Chip set is a premium set of poker chips that you can afford without hurting your pockets. You can purchase the product in EMIs and get it delivered within the shortest possible time.

It's time to zone in without distractions and upgrade your poker game with a more reliable poker set by your side. 

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