Poker Chip Tray 40mm with Cover

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Do you prefer your game to be set up perfectly where nothing is out of place? If that's a nod, get this Acrylic 40mm tray with Cover from Casino Kart online today. This chip tray provides a practical and efficient solution for managing your poker chips during gameplay. They enhance organization, durability, visibility, security and portability, thereby contributing to a smoother and more enjoyable poker experience.

Product Specifications:

  • Acrylic 40mm Tray with Cover
  • Size:  8 inch (long) x 3 inch (wide) x 2.125 inch
  • An efficient solution for managing your poker chips during gameplay.
  • Can accommodate 100 poker chips at a time
  • User can stockpile them in rows as per denominations.
  • Lightweight and portable, easy to carry. 
  • Protects chips from harm from accidental spills and keeps them secure.

This Acrylic Chip Tray is extraordinary for putting away or arranging 100 poker chips. The acrylic chip seals up each one chip totally. Use it to secure your ventures or chip stacks at the table from being misplaced or stolen amid breaks. Each one chip rack spread reaches out to the base of the chip rack. These racks make for simple treatment of poker chips that you can use to keep unused chips organized in one place.

Our chip tray will stack one on top of the other for incredible stockpiling. These trays work extraordinarily alone. Enjoy the most convenient solution to store and distribute poker chips. With multiple compartments or rows, you can store them as per their denominations. This makes it easier to count and distribute them accurately.

Acrylic chip trays are lightweight and portable, making them easy to carry and transport. Get one of these to host the perfect game.

Forget the fear of misplacing your precious chips and enjoy a smoother and professional poker experience with this Acrylic chip tray by your side featured only at Casino Kart.

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