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Redhood Lad Blackjack Table is a perfect blend of sophistication, functionality, and durability, making it the star attraction of any gaming room or casino setup. It is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship that is a must-have for avid players & enthusiasts and can elevate your casino experience exponentially. 

You can classify the product description into two main categories, build and design. So, let us get started. 


  • The Redhood Lad Blackjack Table has a sturdy and reliable build, thanks to the meticulous and attention-to-detail craftsmanship, which ensures years of gaming pleasure. Made from high-quality wood, it guarantees unmatched durability and resilience, allowing it to withstand even the most intense gaming sessions with ease. 
  • The standard table size provides ample space to players for smooth movement and immersing themselves in the thrilling blackjack world.
  • The tabletop features a smooth and velvety felt that adds luxury while enhancing the gameplay experience. While the velveteen fibres create the perfect surface for stacking and tossing chips, the clear markings on the felt ensure precise card and chip placement, facilitating smooth gameplay for dealers and players.


  • The Redhood Lad Wooden Blackjack Table has an alluring design that exudes elegance and class. 
  • The semi-circle shape of the tabletop enhances its visual appeal and promotes easy access to all players. 
  • The table's base sports a design that provides stability and balance, allowing uninterrupted gameplay during those exhilarating moments.
  • The attention to detail extends to the handrail, which guarantees maximum comfort and support. Its metallic-grey colour complements the table's overall aesthetic, lending a modern and sophisticated touch to the gaming experience.
  • The Redhood Lad Blackjack Table features stainless steel glass holders that securely hold beverages and prevent accidental spills to enhance functionality. The chipset tray is also conveniently positioned, allowing players to organise their chips effortlessly.

Product Specifications

  • This exceptional blackjack table boasts a size of 7 ft * 4 ft * 2.5ft, providing ample space for a seamless gaming experience.
  • The table has a velvety soft felt comprising velveteen fibres and clear markings. As a result, it is a delightful sensation to stack & toss the chips and guarantee precise card and chip placement, endorsed by dealers and players.
  • The Blackjack table has a semi-circle design for both the tabletop and base, ensuring stability & balance and guaranteeing unmatched strength to withstand the intensity of long gaming sessions.
  • The Redhood Lad Wooden Blackjack Table has a sleek black-coloured padded handrail, adjustable from three to five inches, to provide exceptional support while adding a touch of sophistication to the table's appearance.
  • The table also has further customisation options for every accessory and part, from the stainless steel glass holders to the racetrack and felt, as per liking. 

To sum up, the Redhood Lad Wooden Blackjack Table features a design made while keeping players and enthusiasts in mind. As a result, it guarantees an unforgettable casino-style experience right in the comfort of your gaming space. Moreover, its blend of comfort, durability, and adaptability makes it the perfect choice for passionate gamers and casual players. 

So, purchase the Redhood lad Blackjack Table from CasinoKart without delay and give your casino game nights the ambience they deserve.

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