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Imagine a Baccarat game in a friendly setting where your friends and family members are dressed up to the nines and they surround a sturdy, majestic and spectacular table. The tension around the table is so thick that you can cut it with a knife.  

Soon the game ends and no matter who wins the game, everyone has a great time. This miraculous event happened all thanks to the casino-grade Sturdy Baccarat Table. The Sturdy Wooden Baccarat table opens a gateway to the world of baccarat gaming which keeps the players captivated with its ambience and gaming experience.  

Product Description 


The Sturdy Baccarat Table  from CasinoKart has durable build. As a result, it can withstand the countless  and most intense Baccarat sessions. It features a sturdy wooden frame and waterproof grey-coloured velveteen felt.  

The dark grey-coloured racecourse and grey padded handrails provide comfort and support for players. The sturdy table base has two black-coloured legs, one on either side, with silver borders and a square-shaped base under either leg. 

The Sturdy Baccarat Table is built to withstand countless gaming sessions. It rests on a robust table base featuring two black-coloured legs with silver borders and a square-shaped base under each leg.  


The Sturdy Baccarat Table has a design that creates an elegant and sophisticated gaming experience. It focuses on aesthetics and convenience simultaneously. The contrasting colours of the grey felt, black racecourse and grey handrails create a sense of drama and excitement.  

The silver-coloured stainless steel glass holders add a touch of luxury to the royal ambience of the table. The Sturdy Baccarat Wooden Table felt exudes elegance and enhances the gaming experience with crisp and clear markings. The markings are in multiple colours to bring vibrancy to the gaming space and make the game thrilling. 

The grey padded handrails enhance comfort during extended gaming sessions and provide an elegant contrast to the dark grey-coloured racecourse. This combination of colours and textures adds a touch of class to the gaming room. On the other hand,  The design of the table base provides durability and further contributes to the table's sophisticated look. 

Product Specifications 

  • The standard table size, 7 x 5.2 x 2.5 feet, of the Sturdy Baccarat Table ensures easy installation while keeping the gaming room spacious and welcoming. 
  • The Sturdy Baccarat Table's chipset tray makes it easy to distribute and arrange chips. 
  • The card deck shoe on the table guarantees that players cannot count the cards and facilitates easier card shuffling. 
  • The padded handrails, which are 3 to 5 inches wide, offer excellent comfort and improve the gaming experience.   
  • The Sturdy Baccarat Wooden Table is made of sturdy wood that will not tip over or move while the game is being played. 
  • The table's water-resistant grey velveteen felt enhances the gaming experience and adds fun to tossing and chip-racking. 
  • The felt's sharp, clear markings make it easy for any player to follow the game. 
  • The high quality stainless steel glass holders prevent the watermarks and accidental spills. 

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