Modiano Texas Poker, Multi Colour

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Color: BROWN
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Looking for an exquisite playing experience with Poker? Buy Modiano Texas Poker multicolour playing cards exclusively designed to play poker. This set features jumbo indexing for better visual clarity when playing among a large group of friends.

Product Specifications - Modiano Texas Poker, Multi Colour

  • Single pack of Modiano texas Poker Playing cards
  • Jumbo Index size ideal to play poker and other card games
  • 100% plastic playing cards resilient to daily wear and tear
  • 100% washable, fade and crimp resistant
  • Sharp edges with enhanced resilient to daily wear and tear
  • Available in multiple colours
  • Individually retail packed
  • Acetate texture enables quick and smooth shuffling

Modiano Texas Poker Playing cards are 100% washable and  fade and crimp resistant due to its plastic coating. Resistant to daily wear and tear, these cards display enhanced strength and durability. These are indeed, the perfect playing cards solution with superior build, striking design and sharp finish. Lasting 100 times longer than an ordinary pack of cards, get a couple of these to add to your collection and play poker with panache.

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