Enjoy Premium Gaming Experience With These Exquisite Poker Chips!

Earlier the game was associated with middle-aged men, playing in old-school pubs and cafés, extremely casual. Now, it is considered to be a mind-sport which is played professionally, following a set of rules and proper legal regulations. Poker has a worldwide fan base and the number of professional players is increasing every day!

A Solution To Your Gaming Needs!

While the look and feel of the game have evolved significantly, the accessories needed for playing poker have also changed. Poker chips, one of the important poker accessories, brings the aspect of aesthetic beauty to the poker tables. Casino Kart, one of the top e-commerce website for poker accessories in India knows the importance of art behind designing and manufacturing poker chips.

Following are some factors that make CasinoKart’s poker chips stand out in the Indian poker accessories market:

  • CasinoKart’s poker chips are designed to offer a huge variety. Currently, the price range is set between INR 2,050 and INR 26,500. We also offer huge discounts on high-quality products.
  • Having a wide price range allows us to use different material to cater to people looking for poker chips for a house party and for professional poker tournaments. We offer poker chips under three categories: plastic, ceramic and clay. While plastic-based chips are a little cheaper, ceramic and clay-based chips are considered to be the royalty among them.
  • Casino Kart also offers sets for gifting purposes for friends and family who love card games or for hosting card parties. These sets include one to two decks of playing cards, dealer button and plaques.
  • These chipsets are delivered in a sturdy aluminium case which comes with foam padding on the inside. The cases, therefore, provide safe and secure storage solution and protect the chips from any kind of damage.

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